Caribbean Agro Producers Corporation

Caribbean Agro Producers Corporation

Nature Fresh products are manufactured by Caribbean Agro Producers Corporation located in Wesley, a town at the Northern end of the Nature Isle, Dominica.  Lush, green, fertile, well watered Dominica is an island where trees and fruits grow naturally aided only by nature. All our products are manufactured from Chemical Free, Naturally grown Dominican herbs, roots and spices. Hand harvested, air or solar dried and processed here in our very own factory.

Healthy Herbs & Spices


Worldwide, common herbs, spices and oils are used both as foods and as medicines as well.  Healthy herbs, spices and oils have become adapted to the human body by millions of years of use. Medical science is once again returning from where we came i.e. back to the drawing board of nature for much of our health and wellness. All ingredients present in Nature Fresh products are carefully selected based on ongoing traditional cultural use and backed by more recent scientific research as to their safety and effectiveness for continued use.


Chefs and nutritionists alike are often surprised to find that common culinary herbs, spices and oils have powerful medicinal properties. Culinary herbs include those used for flavors, preservatives and color enhancers in food preparations and food products, for example, thyme, sage, onions, garlic, parsley, rosemary, ginger and chives as well as many others.


All our herbs and spices are naturally grown without harsh chemicals or commercial fertilizers in the world-renowned nature isle of Dominica. They are carefully hand processed, hand picked and solar dried in mild conditions, milled and hand packaged for your enjoyment and good health.  Our extra virgin coconut oil is prepared from fresh coconuts.

Bidens Pilosa (top) is an excelllent example of our new packaging which we hope reflects the fresh, healthy, vibrant attributes of this plant. Herbal plants are the next level of chemestry, a higher level of chemistry, that reaserch science is just beginging to explore. However the potency of this plant has long been observed and used in traditional medicinal systems.


Traditional Herbal Culture

What do you call an island that’s 26 million years old? A baby. The youngest island in the Caribbean, erosion has yet to dull the sharpness of her terrain. Beautiful, dramatic angles are everywhere. Energetic rivers run vigorously. Dynamic forests remain untouched. When you first ride through the countryside, the uncompromising beauty of the island’s-rolling hills, secluded coastlines and virgin woods will make you feel as if you’re in the Garden of Eden. Dominica is without doubt, “The Nature Island of the Caribbean”.


Largely rural, un-crowded and unspoiled, Dominica promotes itself as a 'non-tourist eco-friendly destination' for divers, hikers and naturalists. It has a lush mountainous interior of rainforests, waterfalls, lakes, hot springs and more than 300 rivers, many of which cascade over steep cliff faces en route to the sea.


Apart from its natural splendors, including the highest mountains in the Eastern Caribbean, the island has an interesting fusion of British, French and West Indian Herbal health traditions. It is home to the Eastern Caribbean's only Kalinago (Indigenous Carib Indian) community whose ancient herbs have also been incorporated into a vibrant and effective Caribbean herbal health culture.

Acknowledgement of Assistance


We would like to acknowledge the European Union & the Caribbean Export Development agency's assistance in realizing and acheiving our goals in improving our packaging and equipment needs through a partial co-pay grant.

All New Product Packaging

November 26th 2015 Caribbean Agro Producers Corporation will be launching our new products and all new packaging at Zeb Kweyol, our retail outlet store located in the Old Market, located in Dominica's Capital City, Roseau.


Caribbean Agro Producers new line of packaging is in keeping with the World Health Organization's (WHO) stated principles of advising countries, nations and states to incorporate herbal health into their domestic health care plans for the future.


According to the introduction to the WHO bulitin "Herbal medicine research and global health: an ethical analysis" by Jon C Tilburt and Ted J Kaptchuk


"Traditional herbal medicines are naturally occurring, plant-derived substances with minimal or no industrial processing that have been used to treat illness within local or regional healing practices. Traditional herbal medicines are getting significant attention in global health debates. In China, traditional herbal medicine played a prominent role in the strategy to contain and treat severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). Eighty per cent of African populations use some form of traditional herbal medicine, and the worldwide annual market for these products approaches US$ 60 billion. Many hope traditional herbal medicine research will play a critical role in global health. China, India, Nigeria, the United States of America (USA) and WHO have all made substantial research investments in traditional herbal medicines."


In light of this CAPCO has designed our line of herbal capsuels to reflect the healthier outcomes to be expected from a transition toward more natural health products. As CAPCO CEO Dr. Gail Defoe puts it, "Only nature is natural."



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